Episode 1: First Show!

Episode 1 - Superhero Film Scores

The SoundCast is a brand new podcast co-hosted by Christopher Coleman (Tracksounds.com) and Jorn Tillnes (Soundtrackgeek.com). Each episode of the SoundCast will be centered on the genre of film, television and video game music. The cast launches with the topic of Superhero film music! Christopher and Jorn discuss their favorite and least-favorite's of 2008 and also which they are most looking forward to in the upcoming months.


0:00 - Opening with Title theme composed by Mark Griskey
0:30 - Introduction to The SoundCast
4:35 - Favorite Superhero film scores 2008
8:15 - Least Favorite Superhero film scores 2008
12:00 - Upcoming Superhero film scores (The Spirit, Watchmen, X-Men Origins: Wolverine)
23:00 - Superman Trilogy Reboot?
34:53 - Closing thoughts (Closing titles composed by Mark Griskey)