Soundcast Interview: Theodore Shapiro (Year One)

Interview: Theodore Shapiro (Year One)

Marius Masalar speaks with composer Theodore Shapiro regarding his latest effort for the film YEAR ONE. He shares about his approach to scoring comedies as well as the unique musical opportunities YEAR ONE afforded him.

Recorded June 04, 2009
Published June 24, 2009

Episode Highlights

00:00 - Opening
00:30 - Part I: The King of Comedy Scoring?
03:10 - Part II: Musical deadpan versus slapstick
06:01 - Part III: Unique opportunities in Year One
10:24 - Part IV: Keeping it all together
16:15 - Part V: Deadlines
19:28 - Part VI: Breaking new ground and conclusion

Music Clips (Select music clips contained in this podcast)

00:00 Bazaar - Year One (Theodore Shapiro)
05:23 Zed to the Rescue - Year One (Theodore Shapiro)
09:47 Abraham and Isaac - Year One (Theodore Shapiro)
16:01 Hut Burner - Year One (Theodore Shapiro)
19:34 The Chosen Ones - Year One (Theodore Shapiro)