SoundCast Episode 23: Score of the Worlds with guest: Austin Wintory

Episode #23 - SoundCast Episode 23:  Score of the Worlds with guest: Austin Wintory

Recorded March 30, 2011
Published April 1, 2011

Composer Austin Wintory joins the SoundCast crew and talks about his latest projects: MAJID and JOURNEY. Richard Buxton also joins the cast for the first time. They all discuss their favorite Alien invasion film scores, including their thoughts on the most recent entry into this sub-genre, BATTLE: LOS ANGELES by Brian Tyler.

Episode Highlights

00:00 — The Aliens Have Arrived!
01:25 — Introductions
10:00 — What we've been listening to
21:55 — Austin Wintory: Majid
31:04 — Austin Wintory: Journey
45:57 — Score of the Worlds - Our Favorite Alien Invasion Film Scores
76:30 — Conclusion

Music Clips (Select music clips contained in this podcast)

10:08 — "Aquarius" (Corpernicus' Star) by Abel Korzeniowski
12:56 — "Main Titles" (Black Beauty) by Danny Elfman
13:59 — "Alice's Theme" (Alice in Wonderland) by Danny Elfman
14:37 — "Rampage" (Crysis 2) by Hans Zimmer, Borislav Slavov, Tilman Sillescu
16:38 — "Mars Needs Moms" (Mars Neesds Moms) by John Powell
17:46 — "Main Title" (Monster Mutt) by Chris Walden
21:24 — "Main Title" (Majid) by Austin Wintory
28:33 — "Larbi" (Majid) by Austin Wintory
35:54 — "TGC Journey Theme" (Journey) by Austin Wintory
46:08 — "Main Title and Mountain Visions" (Close Encounters of the Third Kind) by John Williams
48:29 —  "End Titles" (Independence Day) by David Arnold
51:26 — "Main Titles" (Signs) by James Newton Howard
53:53 — "Resolution & End Title" (Close Encounters of the Third Kind) by John Williams
57:22 — "Klendathu Drop" (Starship Troopers) by Basil Poledouris
58:44 — "Final Battle" (Skyline" by Matthew Margeson
60:27 —  "Battle Los Angeles Hymn" (Battle: Los Angeles) by Brian Tyler
65:10 — "The Drone" (Battle: Los Angeles) by Brian Tyler
77:54 — "Basil By Way of Tommy..." Arranged by Austin Wintory