Interview: Anton Sanko (The Possession)

Interview: Anton Sanko (The Possession)

Composer Anton Sanko talks about his genre bending score for The Possession and gives us a safe peak into this tale of a dybbuk box.  He also talks about how he moved from the world of the music producer to full-time composing and working on his tender yet tragic score for Rabbit Hole (2011).

Episode Highlights

00:16 Welcome and Intro: Anton Sanko
01:46 Moving from producing to composing
04:47 The Highs and the Lows of producing and composing
06:04 Too much time with The Possession
08:00 Rabbit Hole
09:34 From Rabbit Hole to The Possession
13:35 Progressing through the score/ Track commentary
20:06 Tales from The Dybbuk Box
22:40 Upcoming projects and conclusion

Music Selections

00:00 "The Morgue" (The Possession) by Anton Sanko
07:33 "Cleaning" (Rabbit Hole) by Anton Sanko
14:49 "I Don't Love You" (The Possession) by Anton Sanko
18:20 "Brett's Teeth" (The Possession) by Anton Sanko
23:47 "Shadow Puppets" (The Possession) by Anton Sanko