Interview: Brian Tyler (The Expendables 2)

Interview:  Brian Tyler (The Expendables 2)

Composer Brian Tyler talks about his return to THE EXPENDABLES franchise and reteaming with Sylvester Stallone and, this time, director Simon West.  He shares about the challenges and benefits of scoring a sequel and also about some of his other upcoming projects:  Standing Up and John Dies at the End.

Episode Highlights

00:23 Welcome and Intro: Brian Tyler
01:50 Transformers: Prime and Terra NOva Releases
03:20 2011 releases: Columbus Circle, Brake, Modern Warfare 3
11:54 The Expendables 2
30:58 Coming projects: Standing Up, John Dies at the End

Music Selections

00:00 "The Expendables Return" (The Expendables 2) by Brian Tyler
02:19 "Terra Nova Theme" (Terra Nova) by Brian Tyler
04:05 "Main Title" (Brake) by Brian Tyler
05:40 "Main Title" (COD: Modern Warfare 3) by Brian Tyler
11:32 "Party Crashers" (The Expendables 2) by Brian Tyler
19:44 "Vilain" (The Expendables 2) by Brian Tyler
31:08 "Preparations" (The Expendables 2) by Brian Tyler