Bonus SoundCast - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Reaction

Bonus Episode: The Hobbit - An Unexpected Reaction

Christopher Coleman knocks out this bonus “solo-cast” and shares his reaction to seeing The Hobbit in a Dolby Atmos, the film itself and the score as heard in context.

Episode Highlights

00:17 Where and when I saw The Hobbit
01:28 Comparing The Hobbit to LOTR
04:04 The Greatness of the Fellowship
05:42 I hear George Lucas' voice in my head
07:20 Meandering?
08:48 The score.  Where's the point?

Music Selections

00:00 "The White Council (Extended)" (The Hobbit: AUJ) by Howard Shore
04:05 "Khazad-Dûm " (LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring) by Howard Shore
11:16 "12_Roast Mutton (Extended)"  (The Hobbit: AUJ) by Howard Shore
14:55 "08_The World is Ahead" (The Hobbit: AUJ) by Howard Shore