Interview: Henry Jackman (This is the End, Turbo)

Interview: Henry Jackman

Composer Henry Jackman talks about his move from classical to electronica to working with Hans Zimmer. He also talks about his two most recent scores for THIS IS THE END and Dreamworks Animation's TURBO.  Lastly, he gives us a clue into his two, big, upcoming scores for CAPTAIN PHILLIPS and CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER.

Episode Highlights

00:27 - Intro and What We Talk About
02:15 - Receiving that first call from Hans Zimmer
04:42 - How did Hans Zimmer and John Powell impact you?
09:37 - Scoring and Diversity
14:07 - This Is The End: Play it straight or comedic?
18:12 - This Is The End: Odd vocalizations
22:00 - Turbo: The electronic and symphonic blend
26:14 - Coming up: Captain Phillips and Captain America
29:56 - Wrapping it up

Music Selections

00:00 - "Promo Excerpt 1" (Turbo) by Henry Jackman
13:23 - "The Rapture of Seth & Jay" (This is the End) by Henry Jackman
17:24 - "Rapture on Melrose" (This is the End) by Henry Jackman
19:00 - "The Devil Rapes Jonah" (This is the End) by Henry Jackman
21:30 - "Promo Excerpt 2" (Turbo) by Henry Jackman
29:26 - "Promo Excerpt 3" (Turbo) by Henry Jackman

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