Episode 64 - "Happy Birthday, James Horner"

Episode 64 - "Happy Birthday, James Horner"

In celebration of composer James Horner's birthday (8/14), Tim Burden (Movie Magic) and Doug Adams (Music of The Lord of the Rings) join the full crew to discuss the prolific composer's works: the good, the overrated, and the underrated.  Also, catch up on what the Tracksounds team has been listening to of late!

Episode Highlights

01:40 - Welcome
04:25 - WHYBLT? Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, Once Upon a Time, Demolition Man
09:00 - WHYBLT? Summer in February, The Conjuring, Missouri Breaks, Christopher Gunning
13:24 - WHYBLT? Attack on Titan, Planes, Elysium
21:25 - WHYBLT? The Great Gatsby, The 25th Reich
30:03 - Happy Birthday, James Horner (guest Doug Adams)
33:02 - The first James Horner Score that caught our ears
40:13 - The Overrated
56:25 - The Underratted
75:34 - The Great Horner Controversy
96:51 - Top recommended scores from James Horner
103:50 - What will James Horner's Legacy Be?
112:34 - Wrap up and contact

Music Selections

00:00 - James Horner Mix (Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Star Trek 2, Titanic, The Rocketeer)
04:32 - "Main titles" (Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters) by Andrew Lockington
09:07 - "Lamona" (Summer in February) by Benjamin Wallfisch
13:30 - "XL-TT" (Attack on Titan) by Hiroyuki Sawano
16:32 - "Planes" (Planes) by Mark Mancina
18:42 - "Fire and Water" (Elysium) by Ryan Amon
21:30 - "Hotel Sayre" (The Great Gatsby) by Craig Armstrong
24:52 - "Opening" (The 25th Reich) by Ricky Edwards
26:00 - "The 25th Reich March" (The 25th Reich) by Ricky Edwards
29:30 - "Sons of Scotland" (Braveheart) by James Horner
33:26 - "Main Titles" (The Rocketeer) by James Horner
34:16 - "The Ludlows" (Legends of the Fall) by James Horner
35:16 - "A Call to Arms" (Glory) by James Horner
36:22 - "Climbing Up Iknimaya - The Path to Heaven" (Avatar) by James Horner
34:46 - "Casper's Lullaby" (Casper) by James Horner
38:53 - "End Titles" (Star Trek 2: Wrath of Kahn) by James Horner
40:33 - "Climbing Up Iknimaya - The Path to Heaven" (Avatar) by James Horner
45:50 - "Southampton" (Titanic) by James Horner
51:12 - "Futile Escape" (Aliens) by James Horner
57:55 - "End Credits" (The Land Before Time) by James Horner
62:20 - "Main Titles" (Sneakers) by James Horner
66:14 - "Remember" (Troy) by James Horner
69:14 - " A Return to the Caspian, And to the Iran of Old" (House of Sand and Fog) by James Horner
72:58 - "Coming Home from the Sea" (The Perfect Storm) by James Horner
73:25 - "Lookout Point/ End Credits" (A Man Without a Face) by James Horner
74:14 - "Main Title" (All The King's Men) by James Horner
97:54 - "Main Titles" (The Rocketeer) by James Horner
99:36 - "The Wedding" (Deep Impact) by James Horner
100:08 - "Closing Credits" (A Beautiful Mind) by James Horner
102:36 - "Epilogue - End Credits" (Searching for Bobby Fischer) by James Horner
114:35 - "Titanic Suite" (Titanic And Other Film Scores by James Horner) Varese Sarabande

Other notes:

Tim J. Burden

Doug Adams

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