Interview: Ryan Amon (Elysium)

Interview: Ryan Amon (Elyisum)

Composer Ryan Amon, composer of the original score for ELYSIUM, dives deeper into the incredible story of how this project all started with an email from director Neil Blomkamp, the unique amount of creative freedom given to him to write and his experience in recording at Abbey Road Studios.  He also talks about writing for a feature film versus production/trailer music...with a surprising take.

Episode Highlights

00:20 - Introduction
01:37 - What happened after "that email?"
06:12 - Scoring blind?
08:19 - Was was the arc for the development of the score?
10:35 - In writing trailer music, were you looking to get your music "discovered?"
16:24 - What was your biggest challenge for you with Elysium?
17:30 - The Abbey Road Studio experience
21:34 - District 9 parallels

Music Selections

00:00 - "Deportation" (Elysium) by Ryan Amon
15:46 - "Elysium" (Elysium) by Ryan Amon
25:45 - "New Heaven, New Earth" (Elysium) by Ryan Amon
27:46 - "Fire Up The Shuttle" (Elysium) by Ryan Amon

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Other notes:

Ryan Amon - The Official Website

Special thanks to Albert Tello (Costa Communications).

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