Episode 66 - 2013 Fall/Winter Movie Score Preview

Episode 66 - 2013 Fall/Winter Movie Score Preview

Erik Woods (Cinematic Sound Radio) and Kristen Romanelli (Film Score Monthly) continue their guest-visit to take a peek into the upcoming film scores of 2013.  Find out who's tired of Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings-style music, who's not all that excited about the potential in John Williams score for The Book Theif (or Star Wars 7) and find out who thinks Gravity could be this year's Social Network.

Episode Highlights

00:00 - "Rain May Fall/ Winds May Blow" Mix (feat. Fast Five by Brian Tyler)
01:05 - Intro and Welcome ... back
04:16 - Fall/Winter Preview: Romeo and Juliet, Gravity, 47 Ronin
17:00 - Fall/Winter Preview: Desolation of Smaug, 12 Years a Slave, Enders Game
30:44 - Fall/Winter Preview: Thor: The Dark World, Jack Ryan, A Long Walk to Freedom
39:27 - Fall/Winter Preview: Frozen, Captain Phillips, The Hunger Games, Rush
47:30 - Fall/Winter Preview: The Book Thief, Adore, Yurusarezaru mono,
58:37 - Fall/Winter Preview: Snowpiercer, Agents of SHIELD, Saving Mr. Banks
65:22 - The Wrap Up
69:56 - "Rain May Fall/ Winds May Blow" Mix - Reprise

Music Selections

00:01 - "Now You See Me (Spellbound Remix)" Now Your See Me by Brian Tyler
03:30 - "Adore" (Adore) by Christopher Gordon
05:06 - "Six Hours" (W.E.) by Abel Korzeniowski
17:06 - "Axe and Sword" (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) by Howard Shore
23:22 - "Time" (Inception) by Hans Zimmer
25:32 - "Let Us Quest" (Your Highness) by Steve Jablonsky
30:52 - "Terra Nova Theme" (Terra Nova) by Brian Tyler
36:12 - "Thunderstorm" (Indochine) by Patrick Doyle
39:33 - "Dyslexia" (Percy Jackson/ Lightning Thief) by Christophe Beck
42:00 - "Michelle's House" (Stop Loss) by John Powell
43:10 - "Katniss Afoot" (The Hunger Games) by Marco Beltrami
49:02 - "Remembering Willie" (Lincoln) by John Williams
44:10 - "Main Title" (Red 2) by Alan Silvestri
49:23 - "Pacific Rim" (Pacific Rim) by Ramin Djawadi
56:04 - "Adore" (Adore) by Christopher Gordon
56:45 - "In Loneliness" (Red Cliff) by Taro Iwashiro
57:25 - "Morning of Beginning" (Ni No Kuni) by Joe Hisaishi
58:40 - "This is the Beginning" (Snowpiercer) by Marco Beltrami
59:45 - "Human Target Theme" (Human Target) by Bear McCreary
63:58 - "Amen" (The Help) by Thomas Newman
67:25 - "Fast Five" (Fast Five) by Brian Tyler

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