"The Music of Sound" with Deane Ogden and Brian Ralston

Episode 69 - "The Music of Sound" 

Composers Deane Ogden (Eastern Chronicle) and Brian Ralston (Crooked Arrows) co-hosts of the popular podcast, The Scorecast join Christopher Coleman.  They discuss Chris' perceived score trend moving away from "the sound of music" and to "the music of sound," where the compositional palettes are increasingly being formed from the  processing of both everyday sounds, to expertly recorded, orchestra sessions  In the longest, most insightful "What Have You Been Listening To" segment to date, they discuss Gravity, Bernard Herrmann, and newcomer Liam Bates' Last Passenger.

Episode Highlights

00:00 - I Love Sound/Music Mix
00:41 - Welcome and intro: Deane Ogden, Brian Ralston
06:58 - What is ScoreCast Online?
13:15 - WHYBLT?: Gravity (Steven Price)
24:18 - WHYBLT?: Bernard Herrmann
27:00 - WHYBLT?: Last Passenger (Liam Bates)
30:47 - The Youngblood Theory - why all the noobs?
46:15 - Eastern Chronicles by Deane Ogden
50:48 - Crooked Arrows by Brian Ralston
57:25 - "The Music of Sound"
86:50 - The score as a stand-alone listen
98:40 - Is the Gravity score a sure-thing come Oscar noms?

Music Selections

00:00 - "Prelude " (The Sound of Music) by Rogers & Hammerstein
00:12 - "I Love Music"  by The O'Jays
03:33 - "Prelude " (The Sound of Music) by Rogers & Hammerstein
13:42 - "The Void" (Gravity) by Steven Price
16:58 - "Gravity" (Gravity) by Steven Price
24:25 - "Scene D'Amour" (Vertigo) by Bernard Herrmannl
27:09 - "The Driver Speaks" (Last Passenger) by Liam Bates
28:37 - "Sarah's Reflection" (Last Passenger) by Liam Bates
46:21 - "Dhompe Dhompe" (Eastern Chronicle) by Deane Ogden
48:12 - "Looking Our from Rainbow Bridge at 2:39 AM" (Eastern Chronicle) by Deane Ogden
49:41 - "Crooked Arrows Suite" (Crooked Arrows) by Brian Ralston
65:17 - "Oil Rig" (Man of Steel) by Hans Zimmer
70:37 - "Vespertillo" (Batman Begins) by Hans Zimmer
85:53 - "I Love Music"  by The O'Jays

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