Episode 76 - The Music of Marvel Phase 3 - Part 1

Episode 76 - The Music of Marvel Phase 3 - Part 1

Kevin Feige recently unveiled the titles for the next massive phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Nine films will comprise Marvel's Phase 3 and will take us through 2019.  Christopher and Richard are joined by Kristen Romanelli (Film Score Monthly) David Kociemba (Adjust professor at Emerson College) and Wendell Jones (Sideshow Sound Radio Podcast) to discuss the announcement and who we'd like to see compose the scores for each of the upcoming films.

Episode Highlights

00:00 - Marvel Phase 3 Announcement Excerpt
00:37 - Introductions
05:55 - What is Marvel Phase 3?
07:08 - Captain America: Civil War
21:01 - Doctor Strange
31:35 - Guardians of the Galaxy II
46:28 - Thor: Ragnarok
60:30 - Black Panther
72:22 - You've just been "cliffhangered."

Music Selections

00:10 - "Marvel Fanfare" (Thor: The Dark World) by Brian Tyler
13:48 - "Lemurian Star" (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) by Henry Jackman
17:05 - "Main Theme" (Captain America: The First Avenger) by Alan Silvestri
19:23 - "Ivan's Metamorphesis" (Iron Man 2) by John Debney
22:40 - "The Lair II" (Batman Returns) by Danny Elfman
25:10 - "The Horror in Canisters" (Sinister) by Christopher Young
26:09 - "Humans" (Daybreakers) by Christopher Gordon
28:08 - "Evacuation" (I Am Legend) by James Newton Howard
30:03 - "The Woman in Black" (The Woman in Black) by Marco Beltrami
30:51 - "Don't Say it, Don't Write It, Don't Hear It" (Evid Dead) by Roque Banos
32:15 - "The Lifespring Rhapsody" (Warriors of Virtue) by Don Davis
33:30 - "Guardians United" (Guardians of the Galaxy) by Tyler Bates
41:02 - "The Pod Chase" (Guardians of the Galaxy) by Tyler Bates
48:25 - "That is the Target" (The Incredible Hulk) by Craig Armstrong
49:12 - "Storm" (Elizabeth - The Golden Age) by Craig Armstrong
52:34 - "Driving with the Top Down" (Iron Man) by Ramin Djawadi
53:20 - "Merchant of Death" (Iron Man) by Ramin Djawadi
58:27 - "Humans Are Predators" (Twilight) by Carter Burwell
61:25 - "Monkey See, Monkey Coup" (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) by Michael Giacchino
62:40 - "Main Titles" (Pillars of the Earth) by Trevor Jones
65:00 - "Hercules and Hebe" (The Legend of Hercules) by Tuomas Kantelinen
69:04 - "April 1945" (Fury) by Steven Price
72:05 - "I Am Iron Man" (Iron Man 2) by John Debney
73:35 - "Battle of Vanaheim" (Thor: The Dark World) by Brian Tyler

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