Soundcast Stereo (Episode 8) - Does the Stranger Things Score Work?

Episode 8 - "Does the Stranger Things Score Work?"

Co-hosts Christopher and Erik return to the 80s to discuss the strange things going on in the "Stranger Things" original score by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein.  They talk about how well (or not) the score works in the hit Netflix series, films and their scores in the same genre, and how alternate approaches to scoring the series may have faired.  Soundcast Stereo episodes are two channel, 30 minute conversations about a single topic from the world of film, television and game soundtracks.

Episode Highlights

00:00 - The Intro
01:08 - What is Stranger Things?
03:06 - Did the score work?
11:29 - Was a more traditional composer needed?
18:41 - Alternative approaches
22:18 - Missed Opportunities
32:52 - Super 8 vs. Stranger Things
37:17 - The Wrap Up

Music Selections

00:00 - "The Way Home" (Earth to Echo) by Joseph Trapanese
19:19 - "Bat in the Hold" (Monster Squad) by Bruce Broughton
21:08 - "Main Titles" (E.T.) by John Williams
24:05 - "The Hand of Fate Part 1" (Signs) James Newton Howard
39:58 - "We'll Fix It in Post-Haste" (Super 8) by Michael Giacchino

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