Soundcast Stereo (Ep 13) - Most Anticipated Film Scores of 2017

Episode 13 - Most Anticipated Film Scores of 2017

Soundcast Stereo is back and peering into the future!  Erik and Christopher run down just which original film scores they are most looking forward to in 2017.  They hit all the biggies (well, mostly) but also serve up several film scores that may be flying under your radar.  Dive into this double-sized episode for an early look at what 2017 holds for us.

Episode Highlights

00:04 - Intro & The Rules of Anticipation
03:45 - The "Big" Ones
28:29 - Sleeper scores
46:04 - Honorable Mentions
55:42 - What we are NOT Anticipating

Music Selections

00:00 - "Fists of Glory" (Eddie the Eagle) by Matthew Margeson
60:00 - "Press Montage" (Eddie the Eagle) by Matthew Margeson

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