Soundcast Stereo (Ep. 14) Best Original Score Oscar Nominees

Episode 14 - Best Original Score Oscar Nominees

And the nominees for Best Original Score for the 89th Academy Awards are ... reacted to by Erik and Christopher!  They discuss each nominee, discuss who, of the five noms, they think should win, but will win as well.  Lastly, they chime in with their own five nominees.  Some definite surprise nominees in their lists!

Episode Highlights
00:04 - Intro & The Nominees Are ...
04:00 - The Official Noms
15:53 - Should Win/ Will Win
23:36 - Our Five Nominees

52:12 - Honorable Almost-nominees

Music Selections

00:00 - "Snakes on a Plain" (God of Egypt) by Marco Beltrami
54:44 - "Night Drive" (Nerve) by Rob Simonson

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