Soundcast Stereo - Listener Reaction Ep. 3

Listener Reaction #3 - Composer Dominance

When listeners turn into commentors, the Soundcast Stereo is at its best.  In this third listener reaction show, Christopher and Eric take four recent responses to episode 15 "Composer Dominance."  Don't miss out on these interesting takes on King Giacchino, the Mount Rushmore of Composers, Dominance or Prominence, and how Williams and Zimmer are the same!

Episode Highlights
00:08 - Intro and The Return of the Reaction
02:50 - The Crowing of Giacchino - Thomas Midena
10:55 - Your Mount Rushmore of Composers - IsaacAda1
16:00 - Dominance = Quantity or Prominence - Ben Whiting
20:28 - Williams?  Zimmer? Overused? What about Desplat? - Tiffany Curley Cello Mama

Music Selections

00:00 - "The Adventure Continues" (The Adventures of Tin Tin) by John Williams
59:04 - "It's a Helluva Chase" (Jupiter Ascending) by Michael Giacchino


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