Our 12 Fav Composers of the New Millennium - Soundcast Stereo (Ep. 21)

Episode 21 - Our 12 Fav Composers of the New Millennium

In response to a recent, IndieWire article, Kristen Romanelli joins Christopher Coleman share who their 12 favorite composers of the 21st century are thus far (or mostly, as they forgot a couple of biggies!).  They both define how they made their selections and then attempt to guess which composer made the other's list!  You might be able to guess a few, yourself, but there are some guaranteed surprise entries as well.

Episode Highlights

01:34 - Intro - 21 21 12, The Indie Wire Article
07:22 - How did we select our 12 Fav composers
10:11 - Score-tegories! Let the guessing begin...
47:15 - Honorable Mentions
49:42 - Wrap up - Our 12, Your 12

Music Selections

00:00 - "Hero" (Kung Fu Panda) by Hans Zimmer/ John Powell
10:42 - "Buckbeat's Flight" (Harry Potter/ Prizoner Azkaban) by John Williams
13:40 - "La Boeuf Takes Leave" (True Grit) by Carter Burwell
14:48 - "For Frodo" (LOTR - Return of the King) by Howard Shore
16:29 - "Main Title" (The Homesman) by Marco Beltrami
19:47 - "Mr. Moustafa" (Grand Budapest Hotel) by Alexandre Desplat
22:51 - "John Carter of Mars " (John Carter) by Michael Giacchino
26:36 - "Flow Like Water" (The Last Airbender) by James Newton Howard
27:50 - "Dragon Racing" (How to Train Your Dragon 2) by John Powell
30:37 - "And He Remembered Noah" (Noah) by Clint Mansell
32:02 - "Maximum Effort" (Deadpool) by Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg)
33:56 - "Kubo Goes to Town" (Kubo and the Two Strings) by Dario Marianelli
35:45 - "Opening Titles" (Inception) by Hans Zimmer
37:34 - "The Birth of Batman" (Batman: Mask of the Phantasm) by Shirley Walker
38:38 - "Frankenstein's Monster" (X-Men: First Class) by Henry Jackman
40:44 - "Juliet's Dream" (Romeo and Juliet) by Abel Korzeniowski
41:21 - "Opening" (The Legend of the Four Gods) by Joe Hisaishi
43:20 - "Main Title" (Da Vinci's Demons) by Bear McCreary
44:39 - "Heroic Age" (Heroic Age) by Naoki Sato
45:57 - "A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics" (A Beautiful Mind) by James Horner

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