Star Wars by John Williams or Howard Shore? (Ep. 101)

Episode 101 - Star Wars by John Williams or Howard Shore

Doug Adams joins Kristen Romanelli and Christopher Coleman to do some super-fantasy-speculation and bounce around the question of "What if Howard Shore were to score Weiss & Benioff's upcoming Star Wars film or films?" Which would excite them more, seeing Williams' or Shore's name attached? Before that discussion, they react to the "breaking news" regarding the forthcoming re-release of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - Complete Recordings on vinyl and blu-ray audio!

Episode Highlights

00:17 - Introduction
02:08 - Breaking News! The circle is now Complete ... Recordings!
15:52 - New Star Wars project coming from Weiss and Benioff
26:34 - Which would be more exciting to us, Williams or Shore?
42:45 - Kristen's "Option C"
46:23 - Final thoughts ... and dreams

Music Selections

00:00 - "The Valley of Dragons" (Soul of the Ultimate Nation) by Howard Shore
51:03 - "Tales of Hope" (Soul of the Ultimate Nation) by Howard Shore

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