Lost in Space - Netflix (Ep. 106)

Lost in Space - Netflix (Ep. 106)
Kristen Romanelli, Erik Woods, and Christopher Coleman share their reactions to the first four episodes of Netflix's new series, LOST IN SPACE, including their thoughts on CHRISTOPHER LENNERTZ's stellar original score.   They discuss their personal history with the Lost in Space franchise: from the original, 60s, TV series, to the 1998 feature film, to Netflix's latest incarnation.  Before they do that, they bring back the popular WHYBLT? segment, where they discuss titles such as SUPERGIRL by Jerry Goldsmith, LOVE SIMON by Rob Simonson, and SPEED RACER by Michael Giacchino.

Episode Highlights
00:21 - Lost in the intro
03:09 - WHYBLT?
25:34 - LOST IN SPACE:  The original TV series and 1998 film
41:22 - LOST IN SPACE:  The new Netflix series (spoilers)
50:28 - LOST IN SPACE: Christopher Lennertz's score (spoilers)
61:01 - LOST IN SPACE: Why not John Williams' first theme (spoilers)
67:18 - Final declarations

Music Selections
00:00 - "Main Title" (Lost in Space) by Christopher Lennertz
04:10 - "Overture" (Supergirl) by Jerry Goldsmith
09:50 - "Simon and Blue" (Love, Simon) by Rob Simonson
16:17 -  "Thunderhead" (Speed Racer) by Michael Giacchino
25:02 - "Family Chores Fugue" (Lost in Space) by Christopher Lennertz
40:43 - "Flowers - Father, and Son" (Lost in Space) by Christopher Lennertz
50:13 - "Maureen at Work" (Lost in Space) by Christopher Lennertz
71:41 - "End Credits" (Lost in Space) by Christopher Lennertz

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