Tolkien by Thomas Newman (Ep. 139)

Tolkien by Thomas Newman (Ep. 139)
Thomas Newman is back with his original score to the recently released bio-pic, TOLKIEN. Dane Walker and Christopher Coleman represent the tiny audience that went to see the film on opening weekend by sharing why they, themselves, bothered to run out and see the film so early, what they thought about the film, and their expectations for Newman's ethereal score. Was it a good fit for the film or is it better as a stand-alone listen? The episode concludes with the two spotlighting a few stand out tracks from the Tolkien soundtrack.

Episode Highlights
03:25 - Why did we rush out to see this movie?
08:41 - Tolkien - General reaction to the film
14:40 - Tolkien - Expectations for the score
17:08 - Tolkien - General reaction to the score
26:28 - Stand out tracks

Music Selections
00:00 - "The TCBS" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
08:30 - "Dragons" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
09:40 - "Impecunious Circumstances" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
11:00 - "The Great War" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
12:28 - "White As Bone" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
17:53 - "John Ronald" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
19:41 - "Kings And Queens" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
21:10 - "A Good Man In The Dirt" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
24:48 - "Eik (Oak)" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
26:28 - "The TCBS" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
27:48 - "Other Sorts Of Scars" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
28:47 - "John Ronald" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
29:20 - "Dark Magic" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
30:31 - "Vinata Friendship" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
31:11 - "Fellowship" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
32:12 - "Luthien" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
32:54 - "Geoffrey" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
34:12 - "Helheimr" (End Crawl) (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
35:56 - "Impecunious Circumstances" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
37:43 - "Dutch Courage" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman
39:29 - "Fellowship" (Tolkien) by Thomas Newman

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