The Music of the Mandalorian [Ch. 1, 2] (Ep. 145)

The Music of the Mandalorian [Ch. 1, 2] (Ep. 145)
It's time we talk about The Mandalorian, don't you agree?  Dane Walker and Christopher Coleman meet up in their favorite cantina to sit down and discuss the first two episodes of the new Disney+ Plus series.  More specifically, they dive into Ludwig Goransson's original music for the series so far and both the positive and negative reactions it has received.

Episode Highlights
00:41 - Introduction
04:47 - When and How Did we watch the show
06:34 - What did we think of the first episode
10:43 - What did we think of the second episode
17:51 - How did we feel when Goranson was chosen
20:43 - What did we think about the actual score
47:51 - What Are Our Expectations going forward
54:47 - Closing Thoughts
56:45 - Spoiler

Music Selections 
00:00 - The Mandalorian - Ludwig Goranson
09:59 - Bounty Droid - Ludwig Goranson
11:03 - Jawas Attack - Ludwig Goranson
17:51 - Hey Mando - Ludwig Goranson
20:43 - Face To Face - Ludwig Goranson
24:03 - The Mudhorn - Ludwig Goranson
29:12 - The Mandalorian - Ludwig Goranson
33:34 - Lone Wolf and Cub Theme - Kozure Okapi
36:54 - Star Wars Main Title - John Williams
41:54 - The Second Biggest Apes I’ve Seen This Month - Michael Giacchino
44:12 - You Are A Mandalorian - Ludwig Grandson
46:44 - Boba Fett Cartoon from Star Wars Special - John Williams and…
54:41 - The Mandalorian - Ludwig Goranson

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