The SoundCast: Episode #6: Deane Ogden (The Way Home)

Episode #6 - Interview: Deane Ogden

Interview with composer DEANE OGDEN (The Way Home), SoundCast Spotlight: ASSAF RINDE; GORDY HAAB and RAY HARMEN (Indiana Jones/ Staff of Kings) Interview preview.

Recorded May1-4, 2009
Published May 4, 2009

Episode Highlights
00:29 - Introduction
03:26 - Pimping John Woo's Red Cliff
08:24 - Pimping High Score!
12:52 - Interview Tease: Gordy Haab
14:04 - Interview Tease: Ray Harman
15:45 - Spotlight: Kill Zone by Assaf Rinde
20:10 - Deane Ogden intro
53:33 - Close

Music Clips (Select musical clips contained in this podcast)

03:28: Red Cliff: "The Beginning"
10:31: "Gametime" by downRising
12:34: Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings: "Run for Your Life"
13:52: Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings: "Turkish Puzzle"
15:10: Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings:  "German Boss"
16:15: Kill Zone: "Epilogue"
08:13: Lost World Returns: "Spitfire Gameplay"
19:53: Dreams on Spec "Suite of Dreams"
25:24: The Way Home: "Theme"