SoundCast Interview: Brian Tyler (Fast Five, Transformers Prime)

Interview: Brian Tyler

Composer Brian Tyler talks about his latest effort for FAST FIVE, TRANSFORMERS PRIME. He shares about how he came to work with director Justin Lin, his treatment of the Hawaii Five-0 original theme, what superhero he'd most like to write a score for, and what he has coming in the near future.

Episode Highlights

00:34 — Introduction and welcome
03:00 — Meeting and working with director Justin Lin
06:56 — A new main theme and musical progression for the franchise...
18:08 — Musical progression within the franchise
14:10 — One upping yourself
16:00 — Twitter questions #1 "Which is more difficult drumming or conducting?"
20:23 — Hawaii Five-0
26:23 - Talking Transformers Prime
31:03 - What can a fan do to help get a score released?
32:30 - Twitter question #2 "Where you inspired by Steve Jablonsky's music for Transformers?"
37:16 — What superhero film would you like to score?
44:19 — Final Destination 5 and Expendibles 2 and more upcoming scores

Music Clips (Select music clips contained in this podcast)

00:00 — "Fast Five" (Fast Five) by Brian Tyler
06:06 — "The Perfect Crew" (Fast Five) by Brian Tyler
13:50 — "Cheeky Bits" (Fast Five) by Brian Tyler
25:53 — "Transformers Prime" (Transformers Prime) by Brian Tyler
34:20 — "Lego Universe Coda" (Lego Universe) by Brian Tyler
36:55 — "The Touch" (Transformers: The Movie) by Stan Bush
46:36 — "Remote Intel" Fast Five) by Brian Tyler