Interview: Brian Tyler (Terra Nova)

Interview: Composer Brian Tyler (Terra Nova)

Composer Brian Tyler talks about working on his latest television project, TERRA NOVA.  He also shares about the impact of Steve Jobs on the world of film and music, gives his take on the Superhero-film-trend, about his unreleased project, COLUMBUS CIRCLE, and addresses the MODERN WARFARE 3 rumors...in a way.

Episode Highlights

00:43 — Introduction:  Brian Tyler
02:45 — Transformers Prime soundtrack update
05:00 — Revisiting the Superhero phenom
10:58 — Steve Jobs' impact on film and film music
16:07 — Columbus Circle
24:14 — Terra Nova
39:32 — Modern Warfare 3???
43:25 — Upcoming Projects
46:16 — Conclusion and Space Marine Contest details!

Music Clips (Select music clips contained in this podcast)

00:00 — "Main Theme" (Terra Nova) by Brian Tyler
15:26 — "Emerging" (Columbus Circle) by Brian Tyler
20:02 — "Main Title" (Columbus Circle) by Brian Tyler
21:21 — "Emerging" (Columbus Circle) by Brian Tyler
23:42 — "Getting to the Portal" (Terra Nova) by Brian Tyler
33:40 — "Theres Millions of Them" (Terra Nova) by Brian Tyler
45:55 — "Main Theme" (Terra Nova) by Brian Tyler
46:55 — "Prelude to War" (Space Marine) by Sascha Dikiciyan, Cris Velasco