Episode 36 - The 70s - Two Steps Above a Lunchbox

Episode 36 - The 70s: Two Steps Above a Lunchbox

Christopher, Marius, and Helen discuss their favorites scores from the decade of the 70s.  We read your tweeted faves and sidetrack on Carter Burwell on his return to the Twilight franchise and finally, react to The Hunger Games trailer and the fact that T Bone Burnett will be collaborating with Danny Elfman for its score.

Episode Highlights

00:00 — 70s Montage
00:31 — Intros and Welcome
03:20 — WHYBLT? (What Have You Been Listening To?): Hugo and Muppets
07:00 — WHYBLT? - The Skin I live In and Puss in Boots
08:10 — WHYBLT? - Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Uncharted 3, Dracula
11:30 — SideTracks: Twilight and Carter Burwell
29:30 — SideTracks: The Hunger Games trailer, T Bone, Elfman
35:52 — Main Discussion: The Best of the 70s
65:33 — Conclusion

Select Music

03:27 — "Winding It Up" (Hugo) by Howard Shore
05:44 — "Me Party" (The Muppets) Original Soundtrack
07:03 — "El Cigarral" (The Skin I Live In) by Alberto Iglesias
07:41 — "Chasing Tail" (Puss In Boots) by Henry Jackman
09:32 — "Icarus" (Deus Ex: Human Revolution) by Michael McCann
14:36 — "Bella's Lullaby" (Twilight) by Carter Burwell
35:20 — "Main Title & Mountian Visions" (Close Encounters) by John Williams
40:41 — "Tales of a Jedi Knight-Learn About the Force" (Star Wars) by John Williams
45:14 — "The Godfather Waltz" (The GodFather) by Nino Rota
45:55 — "Alien" (Alien) by Jerry Goldsmith
46:57 — "Main Title And First Victim" (Jaws) by John Williams
48:36 — "Philadelphia Morning" (Rocky) Bill Conti
50:09 — "The Enterprise" (Star Trek: TMP) by Jerry Goldsmith
54:52 — "Stately Purcell" (A Clockwork Orange) by Wendy Carlos
58:41 — "Dirty Harry's Creed" (Dirty Harry) by Lalo Schifrin
60:52 — "Speak Softly Love" (The Godfather) by Nino Rota
62:31 — "Out To Sea"(Jaws) by John Williams
66:23 — "The Conversation" (Close Encounters) by John Williams
69:45 — "Hotel Nacionale" (Voyage Of The Damned) by Lalo Schifrin