Ep. 41 - 2012 Video Game Music Preview: Kindly Finish the Game

Episode 41 - 2012 Preview (VG) Kindly Finish the Game

Rick Damigella (G4TV) joins Christopher and Richard to talk about 2012's most anticipated video game scores.  They also sidetrack into to some of the upcoming soundtrack releases from La La Land Records and Jim Guthries' retro-bundle for his indy video game score, Sword and Sworcery.

Episode Highlights

00:00 — Game montage and Guest intro
01:55 — WHYBLT? - Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Skyrim, Bastion, Method Music
08:06 — WHYBLT? - The Inanimate World, Ghost in the Shell (Stand-Alone Complex), Soul Calibre V, Tekken 2,
13:50 — WHYBLT? - Black Gold, John Carter, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Dawn of the Dragonslayer
22:20 — Planet of the Apes 3-Disc release, and Expanded rel. of A Walk in The Clouds
26:15 — Sword & Sworcery limited release, The Hunger Games tie-in video game composer
32:50 — 2012 Preview - Video Game Soundtracks
14:14 — Composers remorse and Art under constraints
18:54 — Working with Mark Isham
20:00 — Composing for documentaries versus feature film
24:10 — The independent artist, music biz, and SOPA

Select Music

00:00 — "The Cave Trolls" (The Best Music) by GeorgeandJonathan
03:00 — "The Proper Story" (Bastion) by Darren Korb
08:10 — "The Color of Eternal Love" (The Inanimate World) by Taro Iwashiro
11:40 — "Ryomaden" (NHK Taiga Drama Ryomaden Original Soundtrack Vol. 1) by Naoki Sato
13:55 — "Main Title - A Desert Truth" (Black Gold) by James Horner
15:24 — "A Thern for the Worse" (John Carter) by Michael Giacchino
16:32 — "Balor" (Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning) by Grant Kirkhope
19:43 — "Paladin's Theme (Search for the Dragon)" (Dawn of the Dragonslayer) by Panu Aaltio
22:44 — "Main Titles" (Planet of the Apes) by Danny Elfman
24:02 — "Main Theme" (A Walk In The Clouds) by Maurice Jarre
26:43 — "The Cloud" (Sword and Sworcery) by Jim Guthrie
34:04 — "Assassins Creed Theme" (Assassin's Creed: Revelations) by Lorne Balfe
37:35 — "Welcome to Rapture" (Bioshock) by Garry Schyman
48:39 — "Main Theme" (Tomb Raider: Legends) by Folmann/ O'Malley
52:03 — "Installation 04" (Halo: Combat Evolved) by O'Donnell/ Salvatori
59:53 — "The Warhawk" (Warhawk) by Christopher Lennertz
61:02 — "Journey Trailer Music" (Journey) by Austin Wintory
63:16 — "Sapiens Closed Area" (Huxley) by Kevin Riepl
66:27 — "Amelia Desert Morning" (Babel) by Gustavo Santaolla
67:08 — "Main Title" (Darksiders) by Velasco/Reagan
74:18 — "A Writer's Dream" (Alan Wake) by Pentri Alanko
78:07 — "Angry Birds - Main Theme" (The Greatest Game Music) by Andrew Skeet