Interview with Austin Wintory (Journey

Interview: Austin Wintory (Journey)

Composer Austin Wintory takes us deep into his music for the upcoming Playstation 3 video game, JOURNEY. In addition, We debut 5 exclusive clips from the score. He shares about his greating experience working with ThatGameCompany (flOW, Flower) on the game for some three years. JOURNEY places the player into barren desert and places them on a journey to mountain far in the distance. The player can meet other players on their journey and an work cooperatively, but there is no communication between players.

Episode Highlights

00:39 Introduction: Austin Wintory
04:28 Critical Response to Journey
14:03 ThatGameCompany creates games for non-gamers
23:57 Discussing the Journey theme
35:14 Discussing Excerpt 2 - Plucky stuff, writing for Tina Guo, the scoring process
42:34 Discussing Excerpt 3 - Mysterous vibe, the serpent,
48:35 Discussing Excerpt 4 - The Guo's Waltz, UP+RUDY+ET
57:16 Discussing Excerpt 5 - Musicianship,
59:04 A personal Journey
65:13 Official Soundtrack release and special free fan offer

Music Selections

00:00 Journey (Excerpt 2)
22:17 Journey Theme (Excerpt 1)
33:12 Journey (Excerpt 2)
42:33 Journey (Excerpt 3)
47:24 Journey (Excerpt 4)
56:13 Journey (Excerpt 5)
22:17 Journey Theme (Excerpt 1)