Interview with Richard Jacques (Little Big Planet 2: The Muppets)

Interview:  Richard Jacques

Marius Masalar speaks with composer Richard Jacques about some of his most recent projects including LITTLE BIG PLANET 2: THE MUPPETS. He talks about the enduring legacy of The Muppets and the challenges such a legacy places on the music for a composer.

Episode Highlights

00:25 Introduction
00:50 Blood Stone Aftermath
01:15 Forza Motorsport 4, Music for Racing Games
03:50 Working on LittleBigPlanet 2
05:30 The Musical Creative Process for LBP, Style Blending
07:52 Licensed Music vs. Original Score in LBP
09:35 Collaborating with the Other Composers
10:03 The Muppets DLC; The Appeal of the Muppets
11:25 The Musical Identity of The Muppets
13:50 Recording a Live Ensemble for Interactive Music
18:10 What's the most Authentically Richard Jacques Sound?
20:08 LittleBigPlanet on Playstation Vita; Working on the Vita
22:35 The PS Vita in the Mobile Gaming Landscape
25:15 Why Are There No LBP Music Releases?! Learning to Monetize Game Audio
28:04 What's on the Horizon for 2012? Personal Album

Music Selections

00:00 Big Boss Bossa Nova
13:09 Pigs in Space
30:13 Big Boss Bossa Nova