Ep. 44 - Girly Titanic Saxophones

Episode 44 - Girly Titanic Saxophones!

It’s 100 years since she sank and Jeremy Meyers (Deeper Context) joins Christopher, Helen, and Richard to revisiting James Horner’s record breaking score for TITANIC.  They also tackle Vangelis’ Blade Runner and the use of the saxophone.

Episode Highlights

00:15 Welcome and Introduction: Jeremy Meyers
06:30 WHYBLT? Taro Iwashiro...gain
10:30 WHYBLT? Helen's playlist and Doctor Who
12:42 WHYBLT? The legacy of Tron Legacy, Game of Thrones
15:30 WHYBLT? Return to Avatar and Hook, The Hunger Games
27:29 Sidetracks:  Blade Runner
39:00 Sidetracks:  Saxophones and the Symphony
51:00 Returning to Titanic
20:00 What were the unique challenges you faced?
21:27 How much time did you have to work on this?
23:12 Is there DLC or sequels in the works?
25:50 Did you have a backlog of melodies in wait?
27:36 How does your time in metal bands affect your writing?
28:48 Future work, movies and conclusion
* Composer live acceptance speech

Music Selections

00:00 "Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch" (Titanic) by James Horner
11:14 "I Am the Doctor in Utah" (Doctor Who Series 6) by Murray Gold
14:08 "Main Titles" (Game of Thrones) by Ramin Djawadi
15:30 "Climbing Up Iknimaya - The Path To Heaven'" (Avatar) by James Horner
17:30 "You Are The Pan" (Hook Limited Edition) by John Williams
21:06 "The Countdown" (The Hunger Games) by James Newton Howard
27:15 "Main Titles" (Blade Runner) by Vangelis
39:07 "Love Theme" (Blade Runner) by Vangelis
50:22 "Distant Memories" (Titanic) by James Horner
58:05 "Rose" (Titanic) by James Horner
59:38 "Hard To Starboard" (Titanic) by James Horner
61:13 "Leaving Port" (Titanic) by James Horner
73:34 "An Ocean Of Memories (Titanic) by James Horner