Episode 45 - The 90s - Best Decade Ever?

Ep. 45 - "The 90s - Best Decade Ever?"

Erik Woods (Cinematic Sound Radio) joins Christopher, Marius, Richard, and Edmund to do a marathon run through the bountiful decade of the Nineties.  We dive deep into Austin Wintory's score for JOURNEY and also responde to two emails from you!

Episode Highlights

00:00 Nineties Montage
03:52 WHYBLT? Fez, Mirror Mirror, Wrath of the Titans
10:00 WHYBLT? Ghibli, Ghibli, Ghibli
12:00 WHYBLT? Dark Shadows, Journey
21:35 WHYBLT? Star Trek: First Contact LE, Fastfall - Dustforce
25:45 Listener Feedback: Dark Knight Rises
29:58 Listener Feedback: Explaining our love for soundtracks to others
40:16 The Best of the Nineties
106:16 Over-rated Scores from the Nineties

Music Selections

08:22 "Wrath of the Titans" (Wrath of the Titans) by Javiere Navarrette
13:10 "Shadows Reprise" (Dark Shadows) by Danny Elfman
14:14 "Apotheosis" (Journey) by Austin Wintory
22:04 "Welcome Aboard'" (ST: First Contact LE) by Jerry Goldsmith
24:30 "Swimming While It Rains" (Fastfall - Dustforce) by Lifeforce
40:17 "Main Title -Trinity Infinity" (The Matrix) by Don Davis
44:28 "Main Titles" (Schindler's List) by John Williams
48:40 "A Gift of a Thistle" (Braveheart) by James Horner
54:01 "Estella's Theme" (Great Expectations) by Patrick Doyle
55:16 "Main Title" (Cuthroat Island) by John Debney
58:30 "Eye of the Storm" (The Iron Giant) by Michael Kamen
73:45 "Ontological Shock" (The Matrix) by Don Davis
80:11 "The Burning Bush" (The Prince of Egypt) by Hans Zimmer
85:13 "Ontological Shock" (The Matrix) by Don Davis
86:16 "The Flag Parade" (SW:  The Phantom Menace) by John Williams
89:15 "Augie's Great Municipal Band, End Credits" (SW: The Phantom Menace) by John Williams
94:42 "Hatsue and Ishmael Kiss (Snow Falling on Cedars) by James Newton Howard
109:44"Alabama" (Crimson Tide) by Hans Zimmer
129:03 "Augie's Great Municipal Band, End Credits" (SW: The Phantom Menace) by John Williams