Episode 53 - Skyfall: The Bond Identity

Episode 53 - Skyfall: The Bond Identity

Chris, Marius, Edmund and Richard dive into the latest Bond-Film, SKYFALL. What Have You Been Listening To is back including some ind-epth talk about Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Skyworld (Two Steps from Hell)

Episode Highlights

00:00 The Bond Identity Opening
04:04 WHYBLT? Frankenweenie, Black Ops II, Assassins Creed III
11:39 WHYBLT? The Sweeney, Skyworld
18:40 Sidetrack:  Two Steps from Hell Concert in 2013
22:23 WHYBLT? More Black Ops II, Adam's Lament, The Four Seaons Recomposed
29:31 SKYFALL: The Movie (no spoilers)
36:36 SKYFALL: The Movie (spoiler talk)
64:53 SKYFALL: The Music as heard in the film
74:20 SKYFALL: The Music on the soundtrack
91:04 SKYFALL: What about Mr. Jacques? Oscar Worthy? Final thoughts.

Music Selections

00:00 "Breadcrumbs" (Skyfall) by Thomas Newman
04:18 "Main Titles " (Frankenweenie) by Danny Elfman
06:19 "Theme from Call of Duty Black Ops II" (Call of Duty: Black Ops II) by Trent Reznor
09:33 "Main Theme" (Assassin's Creed III) by Lorne Balfe
11:40 "Trafalgar Square " (The Sweeney) by Lorne Balfe
13:27 "All Is Hell That Ends Well" (Skyworld) by Two Steps from Hell
16:26 "Winterspell" (Skyworld) by Two Steps from Hell
26:52 "Spring 1 - Spring 1" (The Four Seasons Recomposed) by Max Richter
29:14 "Komodo Dragon" (Skyfall) by Thomas Newman
41:09 "Skyfall" (Skyfall) by Thomas Newman
58:54 "Severine" (Skyfall) by Thomas Newman
64:33 "Jellyfish" (Skyfall) by Thomas Newman
69:12 "Breadcrumbs" (Skyfall) by Thomas Newman
70:48 "Grand Bazaar, Instanbul" (Skyfall) by Thomas Newman
82:40 "New Digs" (Skyfall) by Thomas Newman
86:53 "Jellyfish" (Skyfall) by Thomas Newman
87:46 "She's Mine " (Skyfall) by Thomas Newman
88:18 "Severine" (Skyfall) by Thomas Newman