Episode 58 - 2013 Year in Preview (Video Game Edition)

Episode 58 - 2013 Year in Preview (Video Games)

Sophia Tong, Editor-in-Chief at GamesRadar, and host of SoundRadar, joins Christopher, Marius, Richard and Edmund to take a look at what video game scores the year of 2013 has in store for us.  They discuss some of the many upcoming indie-games on the horizon as well as the big, AAA, games...including those that have released unseasonably early.   Everyone shares "What They Have Been Listening To" as well as sidetracking on the latest Humble Bundle release and the first preview of M83 and Joseph Trapanese's score for Oblivion.

Episode Highlights

00:00 Fifty FPS Forest (Scoreman Retro-Remix)
00:30 Welcome and Intros
08:11 WHYBLT. Marius? Sim City, Jack the Giant Slayer
16:22 WHYBLT, Edmund? Warm Bodies
17:49 WHYBLT, Richard? Shadow of the Colossus, Deus Ex: Human Revolution (again)
20:22 WHYBLT,Sophia? Ni No Kuni, Tomb Raider, Sim City
26:27 WHYBLT, Christopher?  Company of Heroes (Frederick Wiedmann)
30:11 SIDETRACK: The New Humble Bundle
34:38 2013 Year in Preview: Indie Game Scores
46:29 2013 Year in Preview: AAA Game Scores
96:18 Will 2013 be better than 2012?

Music Selections

00:09 " Fifty FPS Forest" (Fastfall: Dustforce) by Lifeformed
07:44 "03 Building the Foundation" (SimCity) by Chris Tilton
09:37 "Jack and Isabelle" (Jack the Giant Slayer)) by John Ottman
19:37 "Icarus" (Deus Ex: Human Revolution) by Michael McCann
20:35 "Morning of Beginning" (Ni No Kuni) by Joe Hisaishi
22:27 "Infiltrating the Bunker"(Tomb Raider) by Jason Graves
45:35 "Dune Storm" (Catacomb Snatch) by C418
47:31 "Virtual Reality (High)" (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance) by Jamie Christopherson
50:00 "200 Years Ago On An Icy Planet" (Dead Space 3) by James Hannigan
52:15 "Main Theme" (Aliens: Colonial Marines) by Kevin Riepl
59:38 "Restless" (Gear of War 3) by Steve Jablonsky
62:25 "Arrival" (Battle LA) by Brian Tyler
64:44 "Bioshock Main Theme" (Bioshock) by Garry Schymann
73:39 "Suite from Star Trek" (Star Trek) by Michael Giacchino
81:20 "Conviction Main Theme" (Splinter Cell: Conviction) by Michael Nielsen, Kaveh Cohen
82:55 "Main Theme" (Assassins Creed III) by Lorne Balfe
86:16 "Besieged Village" (Castlevania: Lord of Shadows) by Oscar Araujo
93:37 "Arrival" (Halo 3) by Marty O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori
100:30 "Retreat" (Aliens: Colonial Marines) by Kevin Riepl

Additional Notes:

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