Interview: Olivier Deriviere (Remember Me)

Interview:  Olivier Deriviere

Composer Olivier Deriviere (Alone in the Dark, Of Orcs and Men) discusses his most recent project, REMEMBER ME.  He talks about coming up with the unique approach to the score, working with renowned sound engineer, John Kurlander, and his profound respect for Don Davis and his scores for The Matrix films.

Episode Highlights

00:22 - Intro., Olivier Deriviere, Remember Me
02:01 - A tale of three cities
09:12 - Tangled?
13:11 - That Obscure Sound
18:33 - Remember Me: About to drop
24:17 - Remember Me: The Pitch
29:17 - Remember Me: Reaction of the fans
31:11 - Remember Me: Working with John Kurlander
35:34 - Remember Me: The influence of Aphex Twin
40:08 - Remember Me: Remember The Matrix
49:00 - What else is coming?
51:13 - Remember Me: Soundtrack release?
52:27 - Wrapping it up

Music Selections

00:00 - "The Fight" (Remember Me) by Olivier Deriviere
12:36 - "Corruption with Rage and Melancholy" (Obscure 2) by Olivier Deriviere
18:15 - "Neo Paris" (Remember Me) by Olivier Deriviere
39:40 - "Chase Through MontMartre" (Remember Me) by Olivier Deriviere
42:05 - "Main Titles" (The Matrix) by Don Davis
46:19 - "Ris to the Light" (Remember Me) by Olivier Deriviere
51:57 - "Remember Your Childhood" (Remember Me) by Olivier Deriviere
53:32 - "Memory Reconstruction" (Remember Me) by Olivier Deriviere

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