Interview: David Buckley (The Good Wife)

Interview: David Buckley (The Good Wife)

Composer David Buckley talks about his work on one of television's most popular series, THE GOOD WIFE.  He shares specifically about how he came on to the show, the evolution of the music over the five seasons, the impact the dramatic shift in musical style made, not only on the show, but on the fans, and what fans might expect in the hotly anticipated season 6.  He also talks briefly about one of his next big projects:  BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT.

Episode Highlights

00:00 - Introduction
02:24 - How did you come on to The Good Wife?
04:40 - The evolution of the music
07:11 - How did you approach this score?
10:16 - The new theme of season 5
11:34 - Working with the showrunners
14:54 - Reaction to the music of season 5
16:35 - To release or not release
20:50 - Emmy Consideration
26:42 - Batman: Arkham Knight
29:40 - What can we expect in season 6?
32:15 - Contact us
33:04 - Composer Commentary by David Buckley

Music Selections

00:00 - "The Good Wife Theme" (The Good Wife) by David Buckley
09:00 - "Felon's Fugue" (The Good Wife) by David Buckley
10:42 - "Countdown to Execution" (The Good Wife) by David Buckley
16:43 - "Peter the Penitent" (The Good Wife) by David Buckley
17:06 - "Wanna Kiss Peter Florrick" (The Good Wife) by David Buckley
31:37 - "Plaintiff's Partita" (The Good Wife) by David Buckley


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