Bonus Track - Superhero Rumbly Bumbly

Bonus - Superhero Rumbly Bumbly

The crew welcomes Steven Sharrat (Tracksounds contributor) to his first SoundCast and talk recent superhero film news, rumors, and composer gossip including: Danny Elfman on the Avengers, Hans Zimmer on introducing themes for Aquaman and Wonder Woman, John Ottman on X-Men: Apocalypse and Philip Glass joining with Marco Beltrami on The Fantastic Four.

Episode Highlights

00:30 — Those Menacing Avengers
03:30 — Hans Zimmer: Aquaman and Woman Wonder themes
03:28 — Danny Elfman: Music to Avenge By?
18:59 — John Ottman: X-Men Apocalypse
21:00 — Philip Glass and Marco Beltrami on the Fantastic Four
25:32 — Wrap Up and Contact

Music Selections

00:01 — Main Title (Spider-Man) by Danny Elfman
01:25 — Rumbly Bumbly Bee (Dinosaur Diner) by Lois Young
02:39 — Flight (Man of Steel) by Hans Zimmer
07:00 — And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad (The Dark Knight) by Hans Zimmer
10:16 — End Credits (Spider-Man) by Danny Elfman
18:41 — The Future/ Main Titles (X-Men: Days of Future Past) by John Ottman
21:12 — Cassandra's Dream (Cassandra's Dream) by Philip Glass
23:24 — Main Title (The Homesman) by Marco Beltrami
26:54 — Rumbly Bumbly Bee (Dinosaur Diner) by Lois Young

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