Interview: Brian Tyler (2015) Part 1

Interview: Brian Tyler (2015) Part 1 of 2

Having, not one, but two $1 Billion + box office smashes in less than two months, Brian Tyler shares his perspective on how long one can bathe in the afterglow of such success.  He also talks about two of his recent forays into sports via his NFL theme for ESPN and, most recently, his new theme for the USGA's 2015 US Open.  Finally, Christopher Coleman puts the ultimate question to him, "If you had to pick just one, which franchise would you choose to write a score for, Star Wars or Star Trek?"

Episode Highlights

00:08 — Introduction: Brian Tyler
02:43 — In the Afterglow of The Furious Age
13:40 — Writing the USGA - 2015 US Open Theme
18:41 — Upcoming project - "Truth"
19:37 — Box Office and Soundtrack Sales
22:45 — Writing ESPN's NFL Theme
26:30 — Star Wars or Star Trek?
33:51 — Wrap up and Intro to 2015 US Open Theme

Music Selections

00:00 — "Rise Together" (Avengers: Age of Ultron) by Brian Tyler
01:00 — "Operation Ramsey" (Furious 7) by Brian Tyler
06:30 — "Farewell" (Furious 7) by Brian Tyler
14:22 — "Olympic Fanfare Medley" (John Williams Greatest Hits 1969 - 1999)
23:44 — "Main Theme" (ESPN's NFL) by Brian Tyler
33:38 — "The Mission" (Avengers: Age of Ultron) by Brian Tyler
34:55 — "US Open Theme" (US Open Theme) by Brian Tyler


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