Bonus - The Soundcast Remembers James Horner

Bonus - The Soundcast Remembers James Horner

The Soundcast and Tracksounds team come together to talk about composer James Horner.  The team has a bit of a group therapy session as they share their own stories of the first time they each took note of the name, "James Horner," their thoughts on his lasting legacy in the film music genre, the score that epitomizes James Horner's work. The main points of discussion are divided by clips from some of James Horner's lesser known, yet no less compelling, works.

Episode Highlights

00:00 — Introduction
04:22 — Hearing the bad news
10:09 — Our first James Horner score
21:48 — James Horner's place in history
34:23 — Some personal stories
41:22 — The epitome of James Horner
08:51 — Introduction to special tribute
36:08 — Close

Music Selections

00:00 — "There's No Goodbye ... Only Love" (Perfect Storm) by James Horner
19:48 — "A Far Away Time" (To Gillian on her 37th Birthday) by James Horner
33:35 — "Time Brings All Things To Light ... I Trust It So" (All The King's Men) by James Horner
40:15 — "Fresh Water" (Black Gold) by James Horner
52:33 — "Fallen Friends" (In Country) by James Horner

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