Soundcast Stereo (Episode 5) Counting Down the Scores of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Episode 5 - "Counting Down the Scores of the MCU"

This is ep. 5 where Erik and I countdown our list of all 13 currently released original scores from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This segment was recorded back in early June, but was cut from episode 0 due to time constraints. Soundcast Stereo episodes are two channel, 30 minute conversations about a single topic from the world of film, television and game soundtracks.

Episode Highlights

00:06 - The Intro
01:58 - Erik's big group of mediocrity
06:00 - Chris' 13th through 6th spots
10:41 - 5th spot
11:50 - 4th spot
14:05 - The top 3
22:50 - Which of the 13 do we listen to the most
24:48 - Wrap up

Music Selections

00:00 - "Tony Stark's Theme" (Iron Man) arranged by Ramin Djawadi
01:00 - "Damn Kid" (Iron Man) by DJ Boborobo
24:41 - "Driving with the Top Down" (Iron Man) arranged by Ramin Djawadi

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