Soundcast Stereo (Episode 7) - Wonder Woman: Should a Female Composer be Hired to Score?

Episode 7 - "Should a Female Composer be Hired to Score Wonder Woman?"

Chris and Erik discuss the potentially sensitive question of whether or not a female composer SHOULD be hired to score Patty Jenkin's upcoming WONDER WOMAN film.  Is it mandatory, a good idea, or a bad idea?  What could the repercussions be?  Listener twitter thoughts and comments included!  Soundcast Stereo episodes are two channel, 30 minute conversations about a single topic from the world of film, television and game soundtracks.

Episode Highlights

00:06 - The Intro
02:27 - Political? Proper? Spring-board?
08:05 - Listener Tweets: Hire the right person for the job, male or female.
20:32 - If a female composer was to be chosen, who would your top pick be?
24:16 - Listener Tweets:  Top composer picks
26:18 - Given the director/producers, who do you THINK WILL be hired?
30:36 - The Wrap Up/ How to send us your thoughts

Music Selections

00:00 - "Wonder Woman TV Series S3 Theme" (The Music Of DC Comics: Volume 2)by Charles Fox and Norman Gimble
33:28 - "Is She With You?" (Batman v Superman) by Junkie XL and Hans Zimmer
34:01 - "Wonder Woman" (The Music Of DC Comics: Volume 2) by Arthur Korb

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