Soundcast Interview: Chad Seiter (Recore)

Soundcast Interview - Chad Seiter (Recore)

Chad Seiter is a prolific composer, arranger and orchestrator for film, television, video games and symphonic concerts, Chad Seiter has composed and produced original music for major Hollywood franchises including Star Trek, Fringe and LOST. In this episode, he talks about his most recent video game project for the XBOX One and Windows 10, RECORE: how he came onto the project, his biggest challenges, working with vocalist Laura Intravia and cellist Tina Guo, what it's like turning music over to a program to decide how it is heard within the game and more!

Episode Highlights

00:01 - Introducing Chad Seiter
02:16 - Working ona Keiji Inafune game
04:12 - The goal for the Recore score
07:10 - Working with Laura Intravia
09:10 - The Biggest Recore challenge
11:42 - Stems in the hands of programs
14:37 - How has the game industry changed for a composer
15:59 - Producing the official soundtrack album
19:28 - The Reprise with Tina Guo
21:43 - The legacy of the Female protagonist

Music Selections

00:00 - "The Eden Tower" (Recore) by Chad Seiter
07:05 - "Main theme" (Recore) by Chad Seiter
19:30 - "Main Theme Reprise" (Recore) by Chad Seiter
35:59 - "Lonely Basin" (Recore) by Chad Seiter

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