Soundcast (Ep. 88) Herrmann, Williams or Zimmer?

Episode 88 - Herrmann, Williams or Zimmer?

Marty and Will Brueggemann (Underscore Podcast) join Erik Woods and Christopher Coleman to discuss the results of the recent Tracksounds' Twitter polls which asked, "Which composer has had the most impact on film music:  Bernard Herrmann, John Williams, or Hans Zimmer?"  In addition to discussing the surprising poll results, they dive into the substantial merits of each composer for such a title.  Lastly, each shares which composer they feel has truly made the largest impact upon the world of film music thus far.

Episode Highlights

00:24 - Intro and Welcome to Marty and Will Brueggemann (Underscore Podcast)

07:21 - Defining "Impact"
11:33 - Surprising Poll Results?
20:30 - Recognizing Williams
24:44 - The Elegant Mantle of John Williams
32:50 - Herrmann's Undeniable Influence
39:59 - Which Composer Has Truly Had the Most Impact?
66:39 - Only Zimmer Could Go to Coachella
73:48 - The Last Word

Music Selections

00:00 - "Marnie" - (Pyscho:  The Essential Alfred Hitchcock Collection) by

Bernard Herrmann
07:01 - "Super Mario Kart Theme" - (Super Mario Kart) by Soyo Oka
20:49 - "End Credits" (E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial) by John Williams
32:18 - "North by Northwest" (Pyscho:  The Essential Alfred Hitchcock Collection) by Bernard Herrmann
37:18 - "Harry's Wonderous World" (Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone) by John Williams
66:13 - "A Watchful Guardian" (The Dark Knight) by Hans Zimmer
80:59 - "The End?" (Sherlock Holmes:  A Game of Shadows) by Hans Zimmer


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