Millennial Thematic Universe (Soundcast Ep. 91)

Millennial Thematic Universe (Soundcast Ep. 91)

Episode 91 - Millennial Thematic Universe
After the video, “MARVEL SYMPHONIC UNIVERSE” by Every Frame A Painting went viral on Youtube in 2016, Christopher Coleman sat down with three family members who are a part of the “Millennial” generation to: talk about their feelings about film, tv, and game music, see how much film music they recognize, and which film composers they are familiar with.  The resulting conversation is an entertaining peek into some of the ways this generation relates to much of the music attached to today's films, TV shows, and video games.  This discussion was recording back in September 2016.

Episode Highlights

00:00 - Intro to the Millennial Universe
04:16 - Name any film composer
06:04 - Can you hum a theme from any movie?
09:07 - Musicals and Songs
10:23 - Can you hum a video game theme?
11:52 - Do you recognize these film music themes?
19:32 - Can you hum any TV themes?
21:26 - Can you name some video game composers?
21:54 - When you watch a film are you ever conscious of the music?
22:58 - Who? and Wrap up

Music Selections

00:00 - "Driving with the Top Down" (Iron Man) by Ramin Djawadi
02:37 - "Iron Man 3" (Iron Man 3) by Brian Tyler
11:45 - "Overture" (Tron: Legacy) by Daft Punk and Joseph Trapanese
12:42 - "The Son of Flynn" (Tron: Legacy) by Daft Punk and Joseph Trapanese
13:03 - "The Raiders March (Raiders of the Lost Ark) by John Williams
13:27 - "Prologue" (Hook) by John Williams
14:22 - "Overture" (Lawrance of Arabia) by Maurice Jarre
16:06 - "Main Title" (Braveheart) by James Horner
16:48 - "Time" (Inception) by Hans Zimmer
17:55 - "Escape - Chase - Saying Goodbye" (E.T.) by John Williams
23:46 - "Hummel Gets the Rockets" (The Rock) by Hans Zimmer/ Nick Glennie-Smith


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