Justice League (Ep. 99)

Episode 99 - Justice League

Christopher Coleman, Kristen Romanelli, and Erik Woods unite to bring about justice to the discussion around the latest entry into the "DCEU"- Justice League and Danny Elfman's original score. These three mother... boxes, set the stage with their own personal histories with DC Comics and related media properties and then dive into Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon's film, before finally examining Elfman's epic score. Kristen and Chris discuss the music having seen the film, while Erik brings his soundtrack-only experience to the discussion. Where does this score rank and how does it compare to Elfman's work for the MCU (Avengers: Age Ultron)?

Episode Highlights

00:30 - Three-boxes Three Co-hosts
03:18 - Let's talk Justice League: Our History with DC
14:11 - Let's talk about the film (Spoilers!)
30:51 - Let's talk about the soundtrack ... in general. (Spoilers)
42:59 - Return of the Themes (Spoilers)
60:37 - Justice League v. The Avengers
67:24 - Final Justice Thoughts

Music Selections

00:00 - "Heroe's Theme" (Justice League) by Danny Elfman
01:02 - "Justice League United" (Justice League) by Danny Elfman
30:01 - "Friends and Foes" (Justice League) by Danny Elfman
53:26 - "Wonder Woman Rescue" "Friends and Foes" (Justice League) by Danny Elfman
60:37 - "Justice League United" (Justice League) by Danny Elfman
62:37 - "Avengers United" (Avengers: Age of Ultron) by Danny Elfman
67:24 - "Justice League United" (Justice League) by Danny Elfman
70:25 - "The Final Battle" (Justice League) by Danny Elfman


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