Reacting to the 90th Academy Awards - Soundcast Stereo (Ep. 25)

Reacting to the 90th Academy Awards - Soundcast Stereo (Ep. 25)

One day after the 90th Academy Awards, Kristen Romanelli and Christopher Coleman reflect on the sadly lackluster show, which had the lowest viewership in years. While they discuss there feelings about the show and winners in general, they go through the shows use of music and give each category of usage a letter grade! Finally, they give suggestions on how film music could be better integrated into the program making the show a much more entertaining fair ... and, of course, boost its ratings to all-time-highs!

Episode Highlights

00:11 - Celebrate the Intro
03:41 - Why do we watch?
06:57 - Overall reaction to the 90th Academy Awards
10:11 - Reacting to the Winners
16:32 - Grading the Music: Pit Orchestra
19:15 - Grading the Music: The Songs
21:38 - Grading the Music: Montages
24:13 - Grading the Music: In Memoriam
26:37 - Grading the Music: Best Score Category
29:17 - How they can improve the music

Music Selections

00:00 - "Bump the E" (Celebrate the Oscars) by Hans Zimmer and Sheila E.
38:56 - "Giorgio's new Dancing Shoes" (Celebrate the Oscars) by Hans Zimmer and Giorgio Morodor


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