Most Underrated Scores - Soundcast Stereo (Ep. 27)

Most Underrated Scores - Soundcast Stereo (Ep. 27)

We always talk about the most popular scores, but what about those which are more deserving than the amount of discussion they receive? Kristen Romanelli and Christopher Coleman go there and discuss SOME of the scores they believe have gone, or have become, underrated over the 20 to 25 years. For this episode, they mention underrated scores from composers such as: John Williams, James Newton Howard, Michael Giacchino, Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, Alan Silvestri and Hans Zimmer.

Episode Highlights

01:22 - Our underrated intro
05:26 - John Williams
09:16 - James Newton Howard
14:36 - Michael Giacchino
19:59 - Jerry Goldsmith
25:02 - James Horner
28:49 - Alan Silvestri
33:40 - Hans Zimmer
38:20 - Overrated Wrap Up

Music Selections

00:00 - "Theme from Superman (Disco Version)" (John Williams Tribute) by 101 Strings Orchestra
06:34 - "Presumed Innocent" (Presumed Innocent) by John Williams
07:37 - "Stanley & Iris" (Stanley & Iris) by John Williams
09:25- "End Credits" (Stir of Echoes) by James Newton Howard
12:00 - "Goodbyes" (Blood Diamond) by James Newton Howard
15:02 - "Factory Rescue" (Mission: Impossible 3) by Michael Giacchino
17:22 - "1st Movement" (Jupiter Ascending) by Michael Giacchino
20:26 - "Family Reuinion/ End Title" (The River Wild) by Jerry Goldsmith
22:32 - "Old Baghdad" (The 13th Warrior) by Jerry Goldsmith
25:16 - "Casper" (Casper) by James Horner
27:07 - "A Far, Far Away Time/ Main Title" (To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday) by James Horner
29:01 - "Opened the Door" (What Lies Beneath) by Alan Silvestri
30:59 - "Pourquoi" (The Walk) by Alan Silvestri
33:47 - "Main Title" (A League of Their Own) by Hans Zimmer
35:24 - "The House of Spirits" (The House of Spirits) by Hans Zimmer
40:27 - "Theme from Superman (Disco Version)" (John Williams Tribute) by 101 Strings Orchestra


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