Incredibles 2 by Michael Giacchino (Ep. 110)

Incredibles 2 (Episode 110)
Will Brueggamann (The Underscore Podcast), Kristen Romanelli, and Christopher Coleman return to Metroville to discuss Michael Giacchino's original score for one of Pixar's most anticipated sequels - INCREDIBLES 2! To start, they quickly share their deepest, heartfelt, emotional reactions to the Pixar short, BAO. Next, they jump into the Incredibles 2 by talking through the highs and lows about the film itself, and then how well Giacchino's original score works within the film. They also share their reaction to the numerous "bonus tracks" on the soundtrack, the "Incredits 2" track, and finally what their respective pitches would be for an Incredibles 3!

Episode Highlights
00:04 - Incredintro
02:39 - The Incredibles 2
04:26 - Bao
11:43 - General film reaction
18:24 - General score reaction
24:11 - Problems in the film (SPOILERS)
42:23 - How well does the score work in context? (SPOILERS)
45:49 - Themes (SPOILERS)
52:17 - Bonus themes (SPOILERS)
60:17 - Final Thoughts (SPOILERS)
64:13 - Pitching Incredibles 3 (SPOILERS)

Music Selections
00:00 - "Incredits 2" (Incredibles 2) by Michael Giacchino
11:03 - "Episode 2" (Incredibles 2) by Michael Giacchino
18:25 - "Elastigirl is Back"  (Incredibles 2) by Michael Giacchino
42:20 - "A Dash of Reality" (Incredibles 2) by Michael Giacchino
45:19 - "Diggin' the New Digs" (Incredibles 2) by Michael Giacchino
50:43 - "Consider Yourselves Undermined" (Incredibles 2) by Michael Giacchino
53:05 - "Chill or be Chilled - Frozone's Theme" (Incredibles 2) by Michael Giacchino
52:47 - "Pow Pow Pow - Mr. Incredibles Theme" (Incredibles 2) by Michael Giacchino
54:23 - "Chicken in the Pot" (Solo - A Star Wars Story) by John Powell
68:06 - "Happily After-Deavor" (Incredibles 2) by Michael Giacchino

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